Value Added Contract Logistics

We provide professional services that extend beyond the standard receiving, storing and shipping of products. Our value-added services add efficiencies and cost savings, meaning direct value to your supply chain.

Whether you need dedicated warehousing, multi-client warehousing, managed transportation services or outsourced manufacturing support, our value-added services include everything from kitting to specialty packaging to Kan-ban programs and transportation management.

We provide a wide range of value-added services to augment our logistics solutions including:

  • Materials management
  • In-plant logistics
  • Pick and pack, kitting, labeling
  • Pre-delivery inspection and testing
  • Electronics testing/configuration
  • Display build and setup
  • Specialty packaging/repack
  • Clamshell, blister pack, etc.
  • Parts cleaning and repair
  • Collateral and Point of Purchase (POP) support
  • Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supplier compliance
  • Maintenance
  • EDI and document scanning
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Sequencing and line-side delivery
  • Shuttle runs
  • Returns processing/management

When ASTRASKY manages value-added services and multiple components of your supply chain, you receive greater flexibility to react to various factors including market volatility, special orders, inventory obsolescence and packaging changes. Our responsive and dedicated team of professionals is here to provide you with the best service possible by refining and reconfiguring solutions as you grow and change. Let us be your partner as we work together to drive cost and complexity out of the supply chain.