Contract Warehousing

Multi-User Warehousing Facilities, Globally

ASTRASKY’s global infrastructure is comprised of multi-user shared warehousing facilities. This enables us to offer truly customized business process outsourcing services more cost effectively than if our clients were to run their own dedicated facility. Our clients benefit by having a variable cost logistics business model supported by our partnered teams expertise and know-how so they can concentrate on their core business activities.

Many customers can ask us to replicate the processes of an existing facility already run by them in another country as part of their global expansion strategy. Our expert team is experienced in managing such projects and such is our reach that we rapidly provide multi channel logistics solutions almost anywhere in the world with careful project management.

Dedicated Warehousing Facilities

ASTRASKY also offers dedicated site solutions on a contract warehousing basis. We can provide as much consultation and project management as necessary to ensure your exclusive logistics operation is designed professionally with your business requirements in mind, sited in the right location (s) and run the way you would want it run. All of this is done within the parameters of your budget and in alignment with your goals on a win/win supplier-partner basis.

Services at the origin provided are assembly, kitting, Quality Control & Inspection, ratio packing, vendor consolidation, Direct to Store fulfillment (DC-bypass), Pre retail services, import consolidation, Container loading & optimisation.